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Simplicity and serenity are the basis of life to me. I seek peace and calmness in every single action I take troughout my day in order to understand horses and the world they live in. With other words for me it's not just about understanding horses, it's about understanding life. If this succeeds then a good connection with them is a logical consequence.


The insights that I have gained in my handling with horses come by giving attention to all experiences in my daily life. By doing so I have learned many lessons which I extend in my coorporation with them. Of course this also applies the other way around; horses teach me many lessons which I then apply in my daily life.


They thaught me that the key to a good connection is my personality. When I stay true to myself I find that horses want to be with me of their own choice and not because they are taught this by certain tricks. The reward is being together without longing for each other. Of course there are basic rules to handle horses but each of us needs to apply them in our own unique way.

For me it’s an art and a goal in my coorporation with them to evolve our personalities together without one of us having to undo the other. This is what I try and like to teach people to trust themselves back again through horses in order to be stronger in the world.

"Possibilities to evolve are reached to us every day. It’s up to us to take or leave them."

- Matthias Geysen - 

Matthias Geysen 
Ferme des Granges 3
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