My goal is to restore the natural balance between human being and horse by respecting both identities. I strive for the horse’s utmost freedom, by acknowledging its nature and adjusting its grooming and care. According to me, a communication problem is the cause of many social and relational problems, amongst people but also between man and horse.


Since people have forgotten their natural power and core and have been conditioned by imposed values, conflicts are barely inevitable. They occur mainly as dominance, exploitation and abuse of power.


Each conflict is thus a unique opportunity to get to know yourself and your environment. The same goes for our relationship with animals in general and more specifically with horses.


Horses have stayed close to their true nature and are hard to condition completely, unless by means of violence and fear. I learnt that horses experience life differently, showing an enormous willingness to trust, but only indulging themselves when one respects their freedom.


The latter might sound as a paradox, but can be tested by reality. In our society freedom had erroneously become a synonym for dissipation, a rejection of rules or agreements and a lack of devotion. The real meaning of freedom is completely the opposite: acknowledging your inner self, respect and good grip. In a sincere environment man and horse operate optimally and from the heart. I apply this courteous attitude when treating, grooming or riding horses.


Each person is different and similarly each horse has a different character with its personal traits. Each horse and each breed wants to be accepted as it is. “Difficult horses” do not exist, they have become difficult to handle, forced by man... Revealing the beauty in man and horse. That is my challenge, every single day.