New concept

La Vie Pur Sang offers you the opportunity to back your horse for the first time or treat a “problem horse” and calm it down.


No horse in your possession, but excited to live this authentic experience? In that case I offer you the opportunity to find a young or unmanageable horse within an agreed price range at the expense of La Vie Pur Sang.

Once we have found the adequate horse for you, we go and get it together. The horse stays with us during the entire process. You commit to a training of at least two times a week. If all goes well, you are also welcome to progress individually every other day of the week. Only the training sessions are paid for.

Once the process is completed, the horse will be sold to a decent buyer.


This approach offers everyone the oppertunity to experience this unique event. On top of that we make sure that the horses move to a decent new home after a succesful training process where they can be treated in the same, newly achieved pattern of behaviour with the right attention and dedication.


To those who already have a horse available there is also a possibility to take part.


By taking matters into your own hands you will face situations in which you will have to learn just like your horse, bringing you to the horse’s level. You are both inexperienced and will have to learn from each other. By taking these steps together the trust will grow towards each other.


During the training it is possible to stable your horse at my property. If you prefer to go through this process at home, I am also willing to come to you.


For more information, please contact me.