We offer the possibility to stay with us for one month and a half.

During this period you work with one of our horses. 

How does this work? 

Working with one of our horses

At your arrivel you can choose a horse where only you will work with.   


The choice will consist out of untrained horses or horses with certain problems. 

So either you will start a horse or guide a “problem”horse to give their confidence back. 

In both situations you will get a beautiful experience that will bring you closer to yourself and them. 

How are these lessons going?

I am convinced we have to learn how to trust our intuition again. 

By doing so, you will build self-confidence and also increase conifdence in your horse. 

I will help you throughout this process, but only when the need occurs and upon request. 

You decide on the amount and the focus of the lessons. 

These can involve:

  • establishing a connection with your horse

  • groundwork exercises, 

  • solving problematic behaviour,

  • learning how to ride your horse without saddle or reins, riding with a neckrope (free riding),…

  • ….

Due to an update the documents below cannot be opened. Please send us an email if you would like to receive one of the documents. 

After our confirmation you can download the residence agreement 


" Our path is determined by our own choices."

- Matthias Geysen- 


We have two studios available

for this purpose. 

Each studio has its own kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area.

All basic necessities are provided. 


Matthias Geysen 
Ferme des Granges 3
Neupré 4120
VAT: BE0502.883.236  

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