3. Four day trip in nature with my horse Kilimanjaro

We arrived safely back home 😊 It was a great experience for both of us. I do have to say that next time I will go for at least 2 extra nights. The reason why is because we got back home just when we achieved the calmness what we where both looking for. This means that it is still fragile to loose this again. If we would have stayed another 2 nights we had more time to integrate this feeling. We made this journey for both of us. I have kept you guys posted on FB about the development of Killi (my horse) but didn't told anything about myself 🙂

When I was walking the first day the idea popped in my mind to share this journey with people (FB). I fought against it because it wasn't my original plan at all. But because it always came back in my mind I decided that it had to be for some kind of reason so I decided to change my original plan and follow my feeling. At clinics I sometimes say to people that in their situation the best and the easiest solution to solve the problem is going outside on an adventure. Why? Because that's our natural environment. It's not an arena or it's not our comfort zone at home :) By going outside we are triggering our emotions on a different way, not like daily life where everything is well organized and planned. Outside nothing is planned, nothing is organized so their is no other option than to trust and connect with yourself and your horse again because that's the only thing you have 🙂 But I do understand that making this first step is not easy. That's the reason why I shared this with you guys to show that I'm doing this as well and need to do this much more in the future. Also I do understand that doing this alone with a tent is one step too much for some people 🙂 So if you won't have enough confidence doing this by yourself then search for a friend who would like to companion you ;) Also almost all over the world there are tracks mapped out for horses provided with accommodations to sleep for horses and people so it doesn't need to be in a tent 🙂

Personally it was a good test for me as well to work with social media 😄 Normally I don't like this to much and it's easy to loose yourself when you are posting something online. There is a big change that you are not truly in the moment anymore and more busy with other people is stead of yourself 🙂 But I can proudly say that I achieved my goal staying true to myself and stayed in the moment.

Till I made a mistake at the end of my journey 😄

When I arrived I have put the stallions for the first time this year on the pasture. Normally my horse would be nervous for couple of days with walking up and down to check for the other horses. Now I was sure that he wouldn't do this anymore because of the journey we made. And truly enough I put him on the pasture and he started eating is stead of walking. Now what was my mistake? I wanted to take one last picture of him running in the pasture with his friends to show you guys that we arrived well and where doing fine 😄 So what happend I made him run to take a nice picture and by doing this he became too exited and the memory of walking up and down came back for a while. I went in the pasture to spent some time with him and he calmed down again 🙂 So completely at the end I lost myself in the media.

I wanted to show something to others and that's never a good idea 🙂 You always have to do things for yourself and never think about what other people will think about you. If I could have stayed in this state of mind then I would have seen that it was not a good idea to make him run and I wouldn't have made this mistake. But at the other hand I am a student of life like anyone else I am sharing my mistakes so other people would make them as well 😉 Thank you for following this small journey and I hope it inspired some people to do the same.

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